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Top 10 Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight

Top 10 Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight

This time I want to talk about what Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight and trying to get leaner. There are many foods that people are eating without realizing that they are not as good as you might think.

If you want to achieve quicker results and lose weight faster, or get leaner and more muscular, take a look at these foods you have to avoid and which can slow down your progress drastically.



Alcohol is not food, but people don’t realize that alcohol is very harmful not just for their health, but for losing weight and trying to grow muscle mass as well. Alcohol, especially beer is very high in calories. A pint of beer has about 260 calories. Imagine if you have a party and drink 10 of them, you’ll be consuming more than your daily calorie goal just by drinking beer. When people drinking, they tend to snack a lot and eat more junk food, which is very high in calories as well.

Another huge negative is that alcohol damages your muscle tissues and slow your progress on growing muscle mass. When you drink alcohol, it stops your muscle growth for about 4 days. If you would drink every weekend, you won’t get any progress, or it will be very slow.


Fruit Juices

The juice is not food as well, but many people think that juices are healthy and drink a lot of them. But most juices have lots of sugar. One 250 ml cup of orange juice has about 20 grams of sugar, which is four teaspoons. And we know from my past blogs that extra sugar turns to body fat and will increase your weight. It might make you feel hungry and craving for more junk food.

My advice is to replace juices with water or if you really like juice, try to drink juices with less sugar, for examples like cranberry or tomato juice.


Flour productsflour products

Flour products such as:

  • Bread
  • Pastries
  • Doughnuts
  • Cookies
  • Pancakes
  • Cakes


All these products are not recommended while losing weight or getting leaner. These products are high in calories and contain refined flour, sugar, trans fats which all can cause gaining of body fat. It is very easy to eat too much of these products as well.



Sweets are a very dangerous product to eat because sweets are very high in calories and contain lots of sugar. Candies can be very satisfying to eat and it is easy to eat too much of them. Candies can contain lots of oils, saturated or trans fats as well.

If you are really craving for something sweet, try to change sweets to low sugar protein bars, but do not eat too much of them either as they are pretty high in fats.


French fries, potato chips, and crisps

French fries and potato chips are very high in calories because they are deep-fried in oil. They are not very filling and it is very easy to eat too much of them. They are very high in fats, which causes weight gain.

Try to change deep-fried fries and chips to roasted or boiled potatoes, they are a lot more filling and doesn’t contain fats and are lower in calories.


Deep-fried chicken

Deep-fried chicken is very popular fast food among people but is very unhealthy and high in calories. Chicken tights or chicken wings with skin are high in fats on their own, but after they being deep-fried, they are extra fatty food.

Try to change the deep-fried chicken to roasted or steamed chicken breast.  Chicken skin contains most of the fat found in chicken, to reduce the number of unhealthy fats you can remove chicken skin as well.



Burgers are a really bad choice for weight loss. They contain very oily beef, which contains lots of fat. Also, the bun made of flour which is high in calories and contains refined flour, sugar, and trans fats. It might contain cheese which is very high in fats and calories as well. And don’t forget sauce which has lost of sugar, fats, and calories. One burger can have up to 1000 calories. And because a burger is not nutritious, most likely you will feel hungry again very soon.

Try to change burger to homemade burger with whole grain bread, low-fat beef and plenty of salad, do not use high-calorie sauces like ketchup and mayo.


Frozen meals

Almost all frozen meals are loaded with sodium, preservatives, salt, and fats. Sodium and salt retain water in the body, which causes people to be bloated. Frozen meals are high in calories, but usually come in small portions, so even if you consumed many calories, you can still feel hungry and want for more food.

Try to change frozen foods to pre-frozen healthy meals cooked at home. Frozen vegetables and chicken breast are good alternatives for supermarket frozen foods.


Low or zero fat foods

Researches say that people tend to eat around 30 per cent more when they know, that they are eating low-fat foods. The other problem is that when fat is removed from foods it removes a significant amount of flavour and to compensate those food manufacturers very often adding sugar to compensate that. As we know sugar is not any better than fat, so I don’t recommend to use low fats foods.


Try to change low-fat foods with healthy fat foods such as:

  • Nuts
  • Salmon
  • Avocado


Or at least to low fat and low sugar foods such as:

  • Cottage cheese
  • Greek yoghurt



Some cereals can be very high in sugars and not as healthy as advertised. Sugary cereal is usually lack of fiber as well. Do not use whole milk with them, because whole milk is pretty high in fats and calories.

Try to change sugary cereals to whole grain and low sugar cereals, low sugar granola or oatmeal. You can add berries or nuts into them. Try to change whole milk to skim milk, coconut or hazelnut milk.

These are my top ten foods to avoid when losing weight. Actually, everyone should avoid these foods, whatever your goals are, to lose weight, to get leaner, or just to become a healthier person. Try to change these foods to my recommended healthier alternatives and you will see results a lot faster and feel a lot better.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Marius Mickevicius

Founder of ihealthylifestyle

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23 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight”

  • Well, you pretty much have listed all of my favorite foods, but you”re absolutely right. It’s amazing how many people think that juice is super healthy, the sugar is not going to help you lose weight tho.

    When I need to lose weight I always look at how much of this list I am consuming, usually, it creeps up on me, especially in the winter when eating comfort foods happens. Thanks for the reminder.

    • We always can change unhealthy food to healthier options, if you love burgers you could have home made burgers with whole meal bread and low fat beef as example. Don’t put cheese in, instead put more salad in and sauce can be change to fat free and sugar free sauces, you can find plenty of choices these days. Fries could change crusty oven baked potatoes, baked without any grease. You just have to be more creative, it is possible to eat healthy and tasty for sure!

  • I really thought natural fruit juice didn’t contain fat. Thanks for correcting that mindset of mine. I usually just drink fruit juice and avoid eating for energy.

    • Juices doesn’t contain a lot fat, but they have a lots of sugar and sugar are empty carbohydrates with no nutrients. All extra sugar we consume turns into body fat, that’s why Juices are not good. If you really like Juice try to chose the ones with less sugar, like cranberry, tomato or vegetable juice, but the best option is water.

  • I keep hoping that one of these days alcohol is not going to be in these lists 🙁 But you are totally right, Marius.
    I did not know about fruit juice, tho. Is that for all fruit, like the ones we squeeze at home too, or just the ones we buy at the groceries store?
    Can you recommend some low sugar protein bars? And where can I buy them?

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    • Yeah Alcohol is probably the worst one and hardest to give up on. Yes home made juice not very good ether, because in general fruits have lots of sugar and excessive sugar turns into body fat. To squeeze full glass of juice you need at least three oranges, but bad thing is that you get rid of all fiber and get just vitamins (which are good) and lots of sugar from them. Better to eat whole fruit, it will be more filling and you will get fiber from fruits as well. I don’t know where are you from, but in UK my favorite ones are Grenade Carb Killa, they have just under 2 grams of sugar per bar, but I’m sure you can find low sugar bars anywhere, just read a nutrition value of the bar.
      Thank you Barbara you have a great weekend too!

  • In general, I keep away from most of the foods you have listed. I love to eat nuts and tend to overeat these delicious goodies. I must say too, that I enjoy a slice of bread now and then as I make my own. For sure nuts and bread can pad on the weight. I wish I could control my nut crunch though. Any suggestion?

    • Bread it’s not too bad if you don’t have it too often and choose wholemeal bread, but I guess home made bread shouldn’t be too bad. I always have one slice of wholemeal bread in the morning. One more advice would be try to eat bread at the first half of the day, because if you do it before sleep, your body not going to use that energy from carbohydrates and it will store extra calories and turn them to body fat. About the nuts it’s hard to suggest something, but my method is never eat more than handful of nuts. Try do not snack them watching tv, it is very bad habit and we tend to eat more when watching tv. I hope you’ll managed to control your craving for nuts.

  • I’m sitting here LITERALLY eating a snickers and drinking a beer. It’s kind of like watching people workout on t.v while eating a bagel..heavy on the cream cheese. BUT, to be completely truthful (if I haven’t been already) I just ran circles around my house outside doing heavy duty yard work and so…a reward.:) Well, two.
    I do for the most part avoid the foods you’ve listed above. I’d say it’s been harder for me to steer clear of cereals and processed foods because of my morning schedule. But I do typically try and pick the best cereals that I can and use almond milk when I can too. Thanks for reminding me of the foods to avoid especially since I do weight train..and not when I’m lifting a snickers bar to my face. haha

    • Sometimes we all have cheat meals, one day per week (that is usually Saturday) I eat whatever I want, that is my cheat day and it doesn’t make negative affect on my results. As long as 80% of your food is healthy and you don’t drink too much of alcohol, that’s fine. I’m glad that you training and trying to find healthiest option of unhealthy food 😉 That’s exactly what you have to do. All the best for achieving your goals at the gym.

  • Very good advice all around. I think fruit juice is a real disaster precisely because people think it’s healthy. I know, because I was one of those people. Drank a bunch of fruit juice one winter to replace the fresh fruit I had been eating when it was in season. I never gained so much weight in my life!

    I’m glad you put in a good word for healthy cereals. Definitely a lot of traps there and you have to read labels religiously (came across a “whole grain” cereal recently that had ZERO fiber per serving!) but there are a lot of great high-protein, high-fiber options available now. I add blueberries and use flax milk.

    Thanks for the piece!

    • Exactly Jon, sometimes I’m really in shock, because product states that it’s for weight loss or low fat, especially some protein bars, but after reading a label on the back of the product I see that it contains like 20 grams of sugar, so how in the world it is diet product? We always have to check nutrients value on the back of the products, because labels are so misleading and people blindly believe in them, You are doing great Jon, I can see you have lots of knowledge and I really happy that you are not doing mistakes most people do!

  • I do not know cereals are not that healthy, others I know it, but great article, reminds me do not eat these things too much, thank you so much!

  • Oh My God! You got me with this list. From fruit juices to deep fried chicken, burgers, flour foods and the rest, I’m guilty of them all. What the heck have I been doing with my weight-loss goal!?
    Have to follow your recommendations of eating steamed or roasted chicken, eating home-made burgers with healthy whole grains, healthy fat foods instead of low fat, etc. I believe I have a pretty long way to go and it’s definitely not going to be easy.

    Cheers to a more healthy lifestyle!

    • Hi Tohin, I’m really happy that you have realized the mistakes you were making and can slowly move towards healthier lifestyle! Don’t try to change everything in one day, give up on one think at the time, and once you feel confident move to the next one. It might be to hard to give up on all your eating habits in one go and that very often leads to failure. Sep bu step and I’m sure you can do it! Remember that healthy food can be very tasty too!

  • I gave up alcohol for January, ‘Dry January’ and stayed off it until the 8th February. I already eat super healthy food and make everything from scratch but I didn’t realise the impact that just not drinking would have on my body. So by just eliminating one of your top 10 completely I lost 2.5KG in weight and felt so much better. I think that everyone could learn a lot from your top ten and everything in moderation is fine but try eliminating some of these baddies and you will be amazed at what could happen!

    • Exactly Kath, if it’s hard to give up on everything people should try to give up on one think at the time, once they used to it and feel comfortable, they should say no to second think and as you said even get rid of few products on that list can give you great results! Alcohol is by far the worst of them, because it so many empty calories in alcohol and while people drink they usually snack a lot too! Well done to you for not drinking on January, try to do it more often!

  • Well, now I am depressed. If I omit all the items from this list in my life, I am left with water and string cheese. Sigh, but you’re so right. Making good food and drink choices is especially hard when I find so much socializing – like the photo you posted with this article – is associated with food. You got engaged? Let’s throw a big party with food and alcohol! You got a promotion? Let’s go out to eat to celebrate! It is so hard to avoid the things on this list, but this article is great reminder of how choosing better foods will help achieve the ultimate goals – living healthier and feeling better. Thank you!

    • Kayte try to do it slowly and step by step, change few foods from this list to healthier options, get your body use to it. Going too extreme and trying change everything at once can be too hard for most people. Try to drink 50% less, sometimes change beer to alcohol free beer, that what I like to do when I go out with my friends. All the best and I hope you’ll managed to look after your diet more!

  • I thought the article was in detailed. Not only did it tell what not to eat but why. I enjoyed and it was very good.

  • Marius, I agree with all your recommendations on what foods not to eat. If people knew that if you eat the right kinds of proteins such as organic grass-fed or free range meats you will have the right kind of healthy omega 3s fats that won’t put weight on. It’s the normal meats sold in most grocery stores where the animals are fed corn, is where your problem is because you have more unhealthy omega 6s fats, and not 3s. That’s what I am trying to spread the word about! Thanks.

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