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How to Lose Weight Healthy. Diet for Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Healthy. Diet for Weight Loss

In the last article, I was talking about what are the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. This time I want to talk about how to lose weight healthy. There are many ways to lose weight, but lots of methods people use can actually make more harm than benefits to you. It is very important to know how to lose weight in the correct way, so you can see results faster and feel better at the same time.


Mistakes People are Making Trying to Lose Weight

People starve and do not consume enough calories. You can lose weight when you starve, but it is a very dangerous method and can cause plenty of health issues like vitamin deficit, weaker immune system, and heart problems. We have to look at long term results and for changing our lifestyle. It is harmful to be in large calories deficit for a very long time. Another problem is, once you increase your calories to normal, it will be easier for you to gain back all the weight you have lost and put even more on, because your body will think that you are going to starve again and will try to prepare for it, turning every extra calorie to fat.Spending too much time on the treadmill


Spending too much time on the treadmill. When people trying to lose weight, they are spending hours on the treadmill which is a common mistake when losing weight. You have to include resistance training, or in other words, train with weights. Because when you do resistance training your muscles work more and when your muscles work more you are burning more calories. So don’t concentrate on cardio workouts too much.


People exercise, but don’t look after their diet. People spend hours in the gym, but eating too much junk food at the same time and don’t watch after their calories. While training it is very important to eat healthily and stay in a slight calorie deficit. As I have mentioned before diet is 80% of your success and you must combine a healthy diet with exercise.


Diet for Weight Loss

What our diet should be to lose weight? In simple words, we have to consume fewer calories in a day than we are burning. That way our body will use body fat for our calorie deficit and we will burn body fat and lose the weight. That doesn’t mean we have to starve, but we have to eat healthy and count our daily calorie to lose weight healthy

The ideal way would be to consume less high in carbohydrate foods such as bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and more high in protein and fibre foods such as chicken breast, beef, fish, vegetables, kidney beans, chickpeas, and eggs. Rich in carbohydrate food is higher in calories than rich in protein and fibre food. Try to eat more products such as meat, fish, vegetables, beans and fewer potatoes, pasta and bread.


Don’t forget to eat rich in healthy fats food too, because it is scientifically proven that good fats actually help you to burn fat in the body.  Good fat sources are avocado, olives, fish, nuts, however, you have to be careful when consuming rich in fat food, these products are high in calories and it is very easy to consume too many calories. Especially you have to be careful with nuts, try not to eat more than a handful of them.


When you losing weight, your daily calorie intake should be around 1500 calories. It might vary depending on your gender, body mass and activity level. But do not consume less than 1300 calories per day, because it might have a negative impact on your health in the long term.


Cheat Meals

What are cheat meals? A cheat meal is any type of meal you can have once a week while you are on your diet. What are cheat days? Cheat day is one day in the week you can eat anything you want, while you are on your diet. Which one to choose depends on your goals. But my suggestion for you would be stick to one cheat meal per week if you want to lose weight faster. You can choose any day in a week which suits you most for having your cheat meal.


Cheat meal

I have a cheat day on Saturday, as it is more convenient, I’m off work and usually going out with my friends, so that is a perfect day for me to eat whatever I want.


Why I’m having a cheat day, but not a cheat meal? Because I’m happy with my results and cheat day doesn’t affect me negatively. But for some people cheat day might have a negative impact and slow their progress drastically, in that case, is better to choose just one cheat meal per week.


Why do you need a cheat day? First of all, you live your life to enjoy and you have to enjoy eating your favourite meals sometimes, as long as it’s not too often. You have to introduce unhealthy food to your body from time to time. Reason for that is to protect your body from getting in shock once you consume something unhealthy.


The final reason is, if you never had junk food and after a long period of time you will decide to have some junk food, very high chances are, that you will get digestion problems and your body will store body fat quicker than it would normally do if you would have one cheat meal per week. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t let your body forget about junk food.


Exercise and Training

What should be our exercise and training routine when we trying to lose weight depends on your fitness level and on your excess weight. If you have a lot of extra weight that you want to lose and you are not active during the day it is best to start with an intensive walk. Try to walk at a fast pace at least 30 to 60 minutes per day. It is not necessary to sign up for the gym straight away.


Exercises and training

After a couple of weeks, once you feeling better with your walking routine, add extra exercises, like squats after your walk. You can increase the time or distance of your walking routine too. Once you feel good and walking is not challenging enough you can sign up for the gym membership and start incorporating resistance training.


Always warm-up well before exercise to avoid injury. After you can do some resistance training and work out with weights. Don’t try to lift the weight which will be too heavy for you, while you are beginner, better use lighter weights and learn how to perform exercises correctly, learn how to control the weight. Learn to do the exercises right as there are very high chances of causing injuries when exercises are done wrong.


After your resistance training finishes your workout on the treadmill or another cardio machine. Try to change machines from time to time and include some variety into your training. It is enough to do 10 -15 minutes of cardio at the end of your workout. Do not over train, three or four days per week in the gym is more than enough for beginners.


And last but not least, always stretch before going home. Stretching will help you to reduce muscle soreness the next day. It will help you to improve your muscle flexibility as well. You can stretch after your warm-up, before starting your exercise. Stretching can reduce the risk of injuries during training.


Be Consistent

All advice given above will guide you on how to lose weight healthy. Remember, consistency and knowledge is the answer and key to success, don’t forget to stay consistent with your diet and training regime. Eat healthy every day and don’t miss out your training sessions. Try to be more active, do more steps in a day. Train three to four times a week. Get rid of bad habits like snacking when watching TV, stick to your cheat meal or cheat day plan. Get plenty of rest. Eat healthy and do not exceed your daily calories limit. If you do all that, you will see results in no time! Good luck!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Marius Mickevicius

Founder of ihealthylifestyle

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10 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight Healthy. Diet for Weight Loss”

  • Thank you for all this amazing content.
    You have some important points as everyone forgets when doing exercise they can automatically eat what they want but this is very good tips to keep the diets to the fullest!

    • Exactly Liliana, people do that mistake very often, they think if that if they are training, they allowed to eat anything and later on, people are disappointed that they can’t see any results. I remember my friend used to go gym, after the gym he used to go with his friends to have a pizza and beer. He was so annoyed that after 6 month he couldn’t see any progress and he quit the gym. Sadly that was 12 years ago and I didn’t had knowledge that time to help him, but hopefully now I can help people and put them on the right track.

  • This is a great article. yes it is very important to eat the right amount of calories per day if you a willing to loose weight. Starving will just cause you to stop dieting as you will think that you are missing food that you used to enjoy. My friend tried starving when dieting several times but only ending up breaking her diet within 3 days.
    You have provided some great advice along with explanations that will help people understand the healthier way of dieting.

    • Exactly, starving is really bad for health and you have to chose method which would become your lifestyle and we can’t starve for very long and usually fail sooner or later. So it is very important to chose right diet which you could stick to rest of your life.

  • Okay, I see what it is your taking about and losing weight and working out. I’ve been told in the past to eat a bunch of carbs for my working, but that’s just defeating my purpose of losing the weight I actually want to lose.
    Thanks for the article, saved me some weight. (Fat)

    • Yes if you want to lose weight your primary food should be protein and healthy fats. Carbs are good if you want to gain mass, but for losing weight you can’t eat too much carbs. Of course you still have to eat some carbs, because they give you energy, but you have to be careful with them and try to chose better carbs, like brown rice or whole wheat pasta or buckwheat.

  • Marius, I have enjoyed reading your post because I have been trying to first of all maintain my weight because I have been gaining despite some interventions.
    I have noted that I have been making some mistakes; I have been exercising but not looking after my diet. I realize my carbohydrate intake has been more than I should be taking, and besides I had many cheat meals (didn’t know they were called that).
    I will follow your advice and see how it goes, but I am sure my weight will be going down.
    Thank you for the post Marius.

    • Ahimbe if you will follow my advice you will definitely start losing weight. Training is not enough, our diet is very important and we can’t eat junk food to often when we trying to lose weight. I hope you will achieve your goals, remember if you stick to something for 30 days it will become a habit and it will get a lot easier later on.

  • This is great Marius.

    I feel like when it comes to trying to loss weight, we think that we have to starve our-self like you mentioned. But food can be a healer if we consume it right. And a lot of us don’t know how to use it to help and heel our bodies. We are more use to eating to feel good or to satisfy something that we crave, but we sometimes forget how that can be harming our bodies.

    • Exactly Juanita, I think food should give us all nutrients we need and give us energy, help us feel good and be healthy! But so many people forget that and eat food as pleasure, without thinking how harmful or bad for our health in future it can be. Especially that healthy and nutritious food can be very tasty and satisfying as well, you just have to know what products to use and how to prepare it.

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